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Pathway ECD
Our Early childhood development (ECD) is a comprehensive approach to programmes and policies for children from birth to seven years of age. Its purpose is to protect the rights of children to develop their full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential.
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Pathway Junior School
Our Junior School provides primary education to children, often in the age range from 8 and 13, following attendance at ECD school which covers the age range 5–7.
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Pathway Senior School
Our senior school provides a smooth transition from the junior school and provides a bridge to high school for sharp, world class well groomed students. We pride ourselves in producing great leaders, innovators and champions into higher and tertiary education and the life beyond!

Pathway Private Primary School an emerging centre of education excellence in Chitungwiza


To be a world class school, with state of the art facilities, creating leaders of influence in their spheres

Our Mission Statement

Pathway’s design shows an understanding that the school is both the group of the people who work, socialize and learn together, as well as the school buildings and site where these activities take place. The school is dedicated to providing good quality learning and working environments for everyone, with attractive support and personal spaces that encourage well-being, self-esteem, a sense of ownership, along with a positive relationship between the school and the local community.

From the Principal


Pathway Private Primary School an emerging centre of education excellence in Chitungwiza; was founded by Henry Rungwave (alias Mhaka) and...

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We are Learner Centered

Pupils’ satisfaction with their environment can affect behavior and self-esteem, and ultimately the willingness and ability to learn. At Pathway,...

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